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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we receive

How much does it cost to build a website?

It can be very difficult to give a price without understanding the scope of the work. If you would like a standard Wordpress website with a template, such as for a pub or restaurant, you would be be looking at a few hundred pounds plus the cost of the template, which is usually about fifty pounds. We are usually a lot cheaper than any design agency as we do not have to pay for office space.

What company/partner provides your hosting?

We use a first-class hosting company based in the UK, who provide excellent service and have been established for more than 18 years. Due to the number of websites we host with them, we are able to get a discounted rate which we are able to pass on to our clients. We only use a professional host for our clients websites, we do not host the servers ourselves.

Why should I use KC Web Design rather than a web agency?

We beleive we offer value for money for smaller clients and businesses. Although most businesses need a website these days, not everyone has thousands of pounds to spend with a web design agency. We do not doubt that you would have an excellent website at the end of the process, but do you have the budget or desire to spend that much? A lot of clients need a professional looking website, but do not have a huge budget or have a long list of desired functionality, so we believe we have a niche in the market to produce excellent websites for only a few hundred pounds.

Can I change my maintenance contract?

Yes you can. We do ask that all maintenance for the current month is completed before a change can be made on the 1st of the following month and we do ask for notice of any change in advance as much as possible. We do limit the maintenance plan changes to two changes within any 12 months.

Is there a guarantee?

We want to ensure that our clients are happy, otherwise we will not grow as a business. We do ask that a client pays for any templates upfront along with a deposit. We would only ask for final payment once the website is completed and handed over to the client. We do ask our clients to check and review the website during the build process so that any changes can be implemented before too much work is completed. We would also give the client an estimation of how many hours we think the design process/ amendments will be as we do need to ensure that changes to the original scope do not continue indefinitely, although we do like to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy with the final product.